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Empathy exists inside all of us. Thanks to this oneness of heart and mind, this shared existence, we can also create harmony amid the diversity around us. This is the basis for building a bright future in which all people have hope.

Her Holiness Shinso Ito

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To honor and remember lost loved ones

In Shinnyo‑en, we use this tradition as an opportunity to come together in community to reflect on the inherent goodness of those who’ve made us who we are, to practice remembrance and gratitude for all they’ve done for us, and to establish a heartfelt intention to pass the same goodness on to others.

At dusk a father wading in the sea, holds a child on his shoulders as people look on at glowing lanterns floating in the distance.
Watercolor illustration of clouds
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Our Voices

The path to enlightenment is not a solo journey

Members of Shinnyo‑en share stories of their spiritual practice to foster fellowship, encouragement, and inspiration with others.

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Support for the spiritual journey through everyday life

We have gathered a set of resources curated to aid development and growth of one’s spiritual practice.

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News and Events

Explore stories, events, and updates from Shinnyo‑en and in the news.

Keep up to date with all that Shinnyo‑en is up to in the world, from news about Her Holiness Shinso Ito to reports on the life and activities in our various communities.

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