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The eight-spoked wheel of Dharma, with a graphic representation of a lotus at its center.

Her Holiness Shinso Ito conducts rites for peace in Ukraine crisis

February 28, 2022

Her Holiness sits before a fire ceremony altar with a large flame and a statue of Fudo-myo holding an implement in her right hand, performing a rite.

Tokyo, Japan

On February 28th Her Holiness Shinso Ito, Head of Shinnyo Buddhism, personally officiated at the monthly homa service. Following this, she expressed her wish for the swift resolution of the military conflict in Ukraine and the promotion of peace in the world in a message to Shinnyo Buddhists around the world:

“I wholeheartedly prayed for ongoing conflicts to be quelled and resolved as I conducted the rite. I imbued it with our wish for people to be fueled with the flame of hope that burns with strength and is never extinguished. Our prayers have an impact. Our sincere prayers will empower countless others. Let us also extend these prayers to those around us and reflect it in our daily actions. Let us exert ourselves even more with prayerful actions from now on.”

On the same day Shinnyo-en contributed about $200,000 dollars to aid humanitarian efforts and emergency medical support for Ukraine.

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