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Shinnyo-en Lanka Preschool hosts 32nd annual blood drive

July 15, 2023

Three men wearing masks are in a reclined position on a chair having their blood drawn by nurses wearing white gowns.

Japan / Sri Lanka

One of the ways that Shinnyo-en practitioners put their teachings and wisdom into practice is through deep community partnerships and engagement. On July 15, the Shinnyo-en Lanka Preschool hosted its annual blood donation drive in Narahenpita, Sri Lanka. This is the 32nd year that the preschool operated by Shinnyo-en has hosted this event. Shinnyo-en Lanka Preschool, conceptualized by Shinnyo-en founder Shinjo Ito, opened in 1987 as a free preschool for three- to five-year olds.

Learn more about the event and Shinnyo-en Lanka Preschool in this news story by The Island Online, and explore Shinnyo‑en’s involvement in the community on the Community Outreach page of our website.

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