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Shinnyo-en supports recovery efforts after Typhoon Hagibis

October 16, 2019

Two men wearing orange SeRV volunteer vests over suits approach the glass doors at the entry to a building with a large sign in Japanese next to the door.

Tokyo, Japan

Shinnyo‑en joins efforts following the largest and strongest typhoon in the history of meteorological records in the country. 

On the 12th of October the Japanese archipelago was hit by the largest and strongest typhoon in the history of meteorological records in the country. Record-setting torrential rains and extreme winds caused flooding, landslides, and casualties in many regions. The number of reported victims is still increasing. 

Shinnyo‑en swiftly opened the doors of 8 Temples and Centers in areas at high risk and gave immediate shelter to over 130 neighbors. Starting on the 14th, Shinnyo‑en Relief Volunteers (SeRV) formed preparation teams to gather information from affected areas and to investigate the best means of supporting rescue efforts and relief work in cooperation with local officials.

A photograph of a bridge collapsed into a river of fast moving, muddy water with houses and rooftops of a town visible in the background.

Ahead of the disaster Shinnyo‑en had set up a special committee and prepared over 100 locations nationwide, storing water and food supplies in case of need for emergency shelters.

While Japanese self-defense forces and national rescue units are still at the front line to secure the affected areas and reestablish broken life lines, SeRV teams have started support in cleaning up debris from broken houses and furniture. 

At Shinnyo‑en we continuously extend our prayers for the victims of all kinds of natural disasters and human-caused catastrophes, and wish for a swift recovery of affected areas.

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